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"A Portrait of Baroda Businesses "
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Photography, Art Glass, Artisanal food and Classes in this unique venue. Find us on Facebook.

The Story of Tabula Rasa Gallery
8918 First Street

Baroda, MI 49101

Greta and Bill Hurst learned that Tio's Restaurant in Baroda, Michigan was being sold at a reasonable price late in 2010.  They saw that Baroda's downtown (the "Village of Baroda") is well situated for revitalization and took the plunge.  "The 'gallery' idea was a natural for us", given Greta's thriving mosaic business ( and Bill's love for photography. Additional retail products, produced locally, are planned. Agri-tourism will also be supported through Support Local Agriculture (see food link above).

Rehabbing of the Gallery began in February 2011 and has been completed as of August 31st. See construction pictures at left. A ribbon cutting occurred on September 1st, 2011.  Village of Baroda officials welcomed Tabula Rasa Gallery to the Village.  See "Ribbon Cutting" images at left.

Greta and Bill are a bit wary of what they are getting themselves into, but they are excited too. They believe that the Gallery will be an important spur to their creative endeavors, will help support the beauty and bounty of Berrien County, and will play a role in the revitalization of the Village of Baroda.  (Back to top)

during construction...
the result...
Ribbon Cutting 9/1/11
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