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Tabula Rasa Mosaics celebrates the ancient art of selecting, cutting, turning and arranging thousands of pieces of glass to create timeless designs. Greta’s art portrays her vision of the natural beauty and character of rural life in Southwest Michigan including landscapes, vineyards, and the earth itself. She strives to convey her passion for the basic elements of “terroir”, a sense of place, the soil and weather to depict the agricultural processes and abundance they produce. Greta produces her work in her beautiful Studio, a converted chicken coop. Tabula Rasa Gallery will provide Greta with a retail venue to show her work, and the work of other distinguished mosaic artists. (Back to top)

Education plans are being formulated around the core focus of the Gallery:

  • Mosaics
  • Photography
  • Local Food
  • Agriculture
  • Agri-Tourism
  • Digital Media
  • Community Involvement

In addition, we are interested in current topics of interest.  So please contact us with ideas for education.  Our Gallery includes a facility with tables, chairs and ability to project digitally.

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